Have you heard of the Sandler Pain Funnel? (and no I don’t mean Adam Sandler..) If you’re experienced in sales you’ve probably already heard of it, but this is also a good refresher to remind you of why sales jobs exist: to solve customers’ pain. The methodology of the Sandler Selling Pain Funnel is applicable to anyone in sales. To learn more about what it is, the best questions to ask customers, and what the Sandler Selling system is, keep reading.

What is the Sandler Pain Funnel?

The Sandler Pain Funnel is a systematic series of open-ended questions and statements designed to uncover prospects’ pain points through emotional understanding. Using this funnel of questions will help you connect deeper with prospects to uncover what they’re looking for in a solution and ultimately win the deal.

The Sandler Selling System

The world-famous Sandler Selling System touches on the three key stages for successful selling. It’s a low-pressure, consultative selling approach that puts the salesperson in control of the discovery process. Sandler tips have been used by salespeople for years to: build and sustain quality customer relationships, better qualify your opportunities, and close more sales. 

Pain Funnel Questions

When you feel it’s the right time or your prospect isn’t opening up easily to you, it’s time to engage the pain funnel questions from the Sandler sales methodology. The series of questions you should ask will look something like this:

  • “Tell me more about that …”

  • “Can you be more specific?”

  • “Give me an example … “

  • “How long has that been a problem?”

  • “What have you tried to do about that?”

  • “Has anything you’ve tried worked?”

  • “How much do you think that has cost you?”

  • “How do you feel about how much this has cost you?”

  • “What kind of trouble does that cause you?”

  • “Have you given up trying to deal with this problem?”

The words don’t have to be said word for word, it’s acceptable to add your own wording where it makes sense, but open-ended questions like this are designed to get the prospect to open up into a conversation. 

Understanding the Pain Funnel

The questions in the pain funnel only work if you allow your prospect time to think about their answers and have some control of the conversation. These questions are in a specific order designed to guide the conversation for you, but they won’t do any good if you’re too overbearing with the customer and try to skip over questions that are important to them. The above sequence should be used as the backbone of the conversation that your customer completes. You should aim to facilitate an inviting environment so the customer gives you honest answers.

Ultimately, getting down to your customers main pain points is the quickest way to close more deals. If there isn’t a need for the product or service, chances are they won’t buy it. Applying the Sandler Selling Pain Funnel is one of the best methods for any sales rep selling to any customer.

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