Kenny Brooks and Sam Taggart discuss how to use your personality in sales

Funny Sales Man, Kenny Brooks, and D2DCon founder, Sam Taggart, are among the most well-known faces in door to door sales. They sat down together to discuss what it means to use your personality in sales and how you can get prospects to love you and in turn give you their business. This is a great tool for any sales rep looking to up their game in 2022. Check out these tips straight from Kenny Brooks and the full video here.

Kenny Brooks Personality Tips for Sales:

  • Keep a positive attitude in the face of rejection.
  • Practice your approach, body language, etc., in the mirror before knocking.
  • Play a mind game with yourself, manifest what you want to happen before you reach the door.
  • Act like you’ve sold everybody no matter what. This will give you confidence to have a fresh start at every door.
  • Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Sell like yourself and master your own craft. If you prefer a more serious approach, don’t force jokes, or vice versa if you have an easy going personality, use that.
  • Always remember that people buy personality before they buy merchandise. You have to sell yourself and your personality to get the customer interested.
  • 4 steps to a sale: approach, introduction, demonstrate service or product, then close. Don’t immediately try to demonstrate a product or service before introducing yourself and providing value.
  • Be conscious of your body language and the body language of your customer. Take a step or two back when a prospect opens their door, don’t be too in their face. If a customer is leaning in the doorway, it’s a good sign they’re comfortable talking to you.

Check out the full video here!


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