It’s almost that time of year again. Summer sales are coming fast and everyone’s gearing up (literally). If you’ve never done d2d sales in the summer or are just looking for new things to try, check out this list of the best gear for outside sales reps as you prepare for the biggest sales season of the year.

10 Things Every Outside Sales Rep Should Have

  1. Mobile Device with Case
  2. Brooks Adrenaline Shoes
  3. Sensible Socks
  4. Breath Mints/Gum
  5. Portable Charger
  6. Cooling Towels
  7. 5-10 Business Cards
  8. Sunglasses/Sunscreen
  9. Comfortable Hat
  10. Camelbak or Waterbottle with Strap

#1 Mobile Device with Case

Whether you use an iPad or phone to sell to customers, make sure you have a mobile device with a case that makes it easy to handle when showing customers information.

#2 Brooks Adrenaline Shoes

These are some of our favorite shoes ever. Brooks Adrenaline shoes are known for being comfortable running shoes so you know they’re going to support your feet when you’re out knocking for hours. 

#3 Sensible Socks

Without comfortable socks, your shoes won’t matter. So pick up a pack of good socks that you like whether they’re ankle, crew, or longer. Your feet will thank you later.

#4 Breath Mints/Gum

No one wants to talk to a salesperson with bad breath. Carry around breath mints or gum so you’re always minty fresh with a clean smile.

#5 Portable Charger

There’s nothing worse than being on a roll and having your device die or warn you of low batter. There are a ton of affordable portable charger options with solar charging capabilities so it’s perfect when you’re in the sun all day anyway.

#6 Cooling Towels

With the summer heat you’ll struggle to stay cool as you walk from door to door. Wearing something simple like cooling towels around your neck will help you last a lot longer outside.

#7 5-10 Business Cards

This is a pretty simple one. Every customer will feel better about you and your business if you have a legitimate business card. Carrying a small stack of these will help them remember you and provide something tangible for them to have after you leave.

#8 Sunglasses/Sunscreen

The summer sun can be harsh. Make sure you protect your skin and bring along some sunglasses to help you last longer out in the heat. But remember when you’re talking to a prospect to remove your sunglasses, you don’t want to come across too casual and eye contact is a big connecting factor in sales.

#9 Comfortable Hat

Along with sunglasses and sunscreen, wearing a simple baseball hat will help you to stay out of the heat as much as possible.

#10 Camelbak or Waterbottle with Strap

Hydration is another important factor to stay cool in the summer sun but no rep wants to have one hand full with a water bottle. Camelbak’s sit comfortably on your back and hold up to 70oz of water that you can sip on throughout the day.

What’s on Your List This Summer?

This is a basic list of things every sales rep should have on them when selling door to door. Which of these do you use? Share your must-have list with us down below! If we missed something we want to know. As always, schedule a quick demo to chat with us before the busy season starts so we can make sure you and your company are ready to hit the ground running.

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