Succeed in roofing with these 4 SalesRabbit capabilities

Did you know current statistics show that the U.S. has 75 million single-family homes. On average, about 7 percent re-roof each year, totaling to roughly 5 million new roofs installed each year? Roofing is one of the largest sales industries in the world. With that comes a lot of opportunity to close more deals if you’re using the right tools. Check out these 4 SalesRabbit app features that are specifically designed to help roofers like yourself.

4 Ways SalesRabbit Helps Roofers:

  1. Elite Team Management
  2. Data Mapping
  3. File Attachments
  4. Software Integrations

#1 Elite Team Management

Visualize every aspect of sales management so you can erase trouble areas and accelerate your teams. With our team management tools, you can create areas in seconds and assign them to your reps, then track your reps and follow their progress through their assigned areas. You can also measure your teams’ performance on leaderboards that monitor team KPIs and give you real-time, actionable insight. You will also have a much more efficient sales funnel as you begin to track your leads geographically and monitor their progression. All these features help you trim fat and accelerate your growth.

#2 Data Mapping

Upload your KML files directly into SalesRabbit and generate storm map overlays for your teams. The overlay makes it easy for managers to strategically assign areas to their reps, and for reps to canvass effectively in those areas.

#3 File Attachments

For roofing companies, effective lead tracking usually requires more than just a prospect’s contact information. Teams need to know about home and roof conditions, which can often be difficult to describe in notes.

File attachments solve that problem. Our system allows you to attach photos, videos, PDFs, and more to your leads so that you can communicate better with your teams and your prospects.

#4 Software Integrations

At SalesRabbit we feature over 60 integrations, but there are some better suited to help roofing sales reps. Here are some of integrations we suggest you take a look at:

We have more integrations to help other parts of your sales process, but these four have been specifically set up to provide the best tech solutions in roofing.

Let’s Chat About It

If you’re looking to improve your sales process to succeed in 2022, schedule a free demo with us today to see what we do to help hundreds of sales teams. We look forward to helping you and your team reach all of their goals. For even more tips on how to sell roofing, we’ve put together a guide called “How to Sell Roofing to The Modern Client” to help you.

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