4 Hilarious sales videos to make your sales team laugh

Being a sales rep is hard work, there’s no doubt there. To avoid burning out from this job or being too serious all the time, you need to find time to laugh, and nothing is better than laughing as a team. Humor is the best way to connect with your team, develop a friendship, and have something in common. Here are 4 hilarious sales videos that you should share with your team to get them laughing.

Sales Therapy- try SalesMesh from AppMesh

Sales reps and CRM have been married for a couple of decades now. What would it be like if they got the chance to talk things out?

A Conference Call in Real Life

No one likes conference calls, but what if they happened in real life? Our guess is you’d hate them even more.

Monster Tips: Nailing the handshake

A handshake is the first physical interaction you’ll have with a recruiter, customer, fellow sales rep, or hiring manager so you’ve got to nail it.


Okay so maybe this isn’t the best example of how to make a sales call but you can’t say it’s not funny.

What are some of your favorite funny sales videos?

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